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Product experiences

Some of my best works from my Industrial design degree. Experiencing with different kinds of design: physical structures, textile, brands, illustrations, posters, prototypes, 3D, web...

My resume mockupMy resume mockupPlus
Johny the bikeJohny the bikePlus
Sketches and illustrationsSketches and illustrationsPlus
Hermekid product, child card seatHermekid product, child card seatPlus
Product prototype, piramidal structuresProduct prototype, piramidal structuresPlus
Portable kitchen concept created for Centre Culinaire Contemporain of RennesPortable kitchen concept created for Centre Culinaire Contemporain of RennesPlus

If you want to see more of my works, take a look at my portfolio in Behance :)


Design as a way of solving problems

Design thinking is one of my favorite methodologies to work with because the human values are at the heart of its collaborative approach.

My design Thinking process

Here I'm!



To be INSPIRED is important in my life; It is the air that I breathe.

One of the most powerful tools is TRAVELLING. It is a radical cultural change, a PERSONAL GROWTH and a learning of ADAPTATION.

Photos: Brooklyn Bridge and snowy landscape in Russia

Photos of my trips to USA
Photos of my trips to Marocco and Thailand


I try to collect knowledge from every trip, and use that capacity of adaptation to EMPATHIZE with completely different kind of people in my daily life.

"My DREAM is to use this knowledge in my work as a designer to help and satisfy NEEDS of every person around the world"

Photos: Desert in Marocco and beach landscape in Thailand

A LITTLE MORE...Very proud of finishing my degree in Industrial Design and I'm always looking for good people to take my ideas off.

My SKILLS.Design thinking, user research and software as Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign and 3DMax are my best friends.


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